GR Philosophy

gift & reciprocity

In the name of globalization, the economic activities seem to be
the most important public value in the present world.
However how many people really want that kind of uniformity of value?
We think that many of us are interested in diversity.
When in awe of differences and diversity we can discover our own identities.
Our company is named GR(Gift & Reciprocity).
These words include the primitive and principled sense of communication.
We think we need to rediscover the original meanings of giving and receiving back
hidden in the global economic activities.
We believe that GR activities based on the above-mentioned way of communication
would be useful in no small way as a key to solve the contradictions happening currently.

GR Activity

things – think of

Things have many different values and elements. They are not made of materials only.
But also made of the thoughts, feelings and methods of the people producing and providing, and additionally the emotions of the people who buy and use it too.
For example ‘Sushi’ is not only the combination of rice and raw fish.
These values and elements can never be seen, but you can feel them through the things.
But, to understand that, you need to accept the unknown,
listen carefully and pay attention to the nuances surrounding it.
We need to understand the difference between you and me,
the difference between this and that, and finally also understand the similarity of it.

GR Business

Randers+Radius; simple (systemized)

We Japanese have images of the Scandinavian design,
which are simple and modern, or beautiful with natural materials.
You already have images of it even if you have never seen or touched it.
Is that informed imagination or stereotypes?
Furniture must be the superior media since it includes a lot of thoughts, ideas and things.
GR is hoping to give you more opportunity to know many things.
For example, Danish culture, food, art, education, business and work-style,
and also how the Danish think.
Through the Randers+Radius furniture, like chairs and tables,
you will understand the concept and thoughts you haven’t noticed before.
And also, you will get to know the meaning of simplicity plus rationality.



GR Profile


Import and Export products
and services Retail
and E-Commerce operations


LunarHouse Part4 Bldg.5F,
3-35-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
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Call & Mail

tel. +81 3 5413 5015
fax. +81 3 5775 2038


GR Team

President & CEO:
Tsutomu Ikeda

Tsutomu IKEDA 池田努

2009 Established Ippongi co,ltd CEO (present).
2011 Established Scandii Inc. Executive Observer (present).
2013 Established GR Inc. CEO.
Operating E-Commerce web site focus on furniture and deploy restaurant business.
From 2011, launched which is Scandinavian furniture E-Commerce web site and treat of designer’s furniture like PP Mobler, Fredericia, J.L.Moller, BergFurniture and more as well as architectural materials of Scandinavian flooring.

Managing Director:
Yuji Nakasato

Yuji NAKASATO 中佐藤裕司

1999 Established Aday Inc. (Design Office) CEO (present).
2011 Established Table Inc. (Communication Architects) CEO (present).
2013 Established GR Inc. Managing Director (present).
Recent activities of Aday Inc. and Table Inc. as follows;
75th anniversary web site design – TOYOTA.
Creative direction of Direct marketing campaign – Mercedes Benz (in Japan).
Communication design and creative direction of APT( Advanced Presistent Threat) -Trend Micro.
and more…

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